Thursday, 10 November 2011


                       The RV Corner with “CAPTAIN KIRK” & “STEVE”

      Who is CAPTAIN KIRK?                 Who is STEVE?                         

Captain Kirk is a Sales rep. at  Fraserway RV in Abbottsford BC with 20 years of experience. Steve is a Computer Engineer that operates computers.
What could these two have in common? They both love RV’s and RVing and met when Steve purchased his 5th wheel.
The purpose of this blog is to supply links for sales and service and contact information of other groups on Twitter, Facebook etc. This will assist people in getting connected to the right services or RV social group they looking for. Topics ranging from RV repairs to locations of RV parks. There are also pages listed on this site with different recipies for different life styles. 
We real hope you would try many of the things offered on this site, and we will see down the road some day.
The sharing of information and the experience that will benefit everyone. We have RV's listed for sale and recipies to suit different life styles with RV's and RVing so please try them and let us know.
RV Sales sites.
city of vancouver recreational vehicles classifieds - craigslist

RV resorce sites and pages on Social Media sites:
Colton RV                                                           RV
RV America by MaxxAir                                    RV Travel
Adventure RV                                                      Camco RV
RV                                                                        Rick Snyder Rv
RV Road Trippers                                                Suncoast RV
Rv Moda                                                              Embrace RV
Cajun Palms RV Resort                                       Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort
(rv)                                                                       Wine Country RV Resort
Bish's RV Super Center                                       The Mill Casino RV Park
Crain RV                                                              RV Trader
INTERIORISMO RV                                          Cruise America RV Rental & Sales
RV Education 101                                                Auto & RV Publications
Hilltop RV Superstore                                         EverGreen RV
Eby's Pines RV Park & Campground                  Trailside RV Center
Spicy RV                                                              Texan RV Ranch
Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort                           Palomino RV
Encore RV                                                            Mike Thompsons RV Super Stores
Poche's Fish-N-Camp RV Park                            Twin Mountain RV Park
Country Boys RV Park, Madison                         Nexus RV
Vogt RV Center                                                    Sun n Fun RV Resort
Tacoma RV Center                                               
Fraserway RV - Abbotsford                                 Fraserway RV Rentals
There are many more RV sites on Facebook if you know of one please post it on this blog.
Twitter Sites
TheGoodSamClub                                              TinCanTourists
RVGuys                                                              Gr8LakesCamper
myrvlink                                                             rvtravel
Charlotte_RV                                                     vintagetrailer
RTGFulltimeRVin                                             rvdailyreport
travelbyrv                                                           VogelTalksRVing
RVeducation101                                                FraserwayrvAbby
rvcampreview                                                   FromAnRV
RVzen                                                               StalkupsRV
boomerRVer                                                    GreenRVingUSA
TweetThisRV                                                   alaskarv
Motorhomedotcom                                          rvcampingtip
 myrvlink                                                         RVnet
 MtnViewRVPark                                             bishs
camperclinic2                                                  MtnViewRVPark
 TacomaRvCenter                                           DeansRV
 calamityjaimie                                                Kaizen1
 bodycoach2                                                  HubCityRV
 www606060com                                          PointSouthKOA
 brennduftruck                                                RVTWEETER
 PassportAmerica                                           TravelingOTO
 CoolCamping                                                CampsitePhotos
 MyARVC                                                     TravelTrailPlop   
 CampingRoadTrip                                         RVBulldog
 RVPROMagazine                                         GlacierBayRV
 WSJourney                                                   ExcelRV
 TheRVSecurity                                              Rvingandmore
 rvtraveler2                                                     rvcampreview
 BigRigResorts                                               RVWheelLife
 AbeLaudofun                                                campfireinacan
 failxtrail                                                         MotorhomeRepubc
 RVtalks                                                         jellystonehc

 There are many other sites on Twitter so please post them on the blog or drop us line at
STEPHENBAKER2 on twitter or contact CAPTAIN KIRK at, You can become a member and use your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account to log in and become a member. You can also have updates e-mailed to you.

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